Common, hazardous and special industrial waste

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Common industrial waste (CIW)

Common industrial waste (CIW) is neither inert nor hazardous. It is waste generated by companies and can be treated in the same plants as household waste: cardboard boxes, glass, kitchen waste, packaging, textile waste, etc.
Our group’s total management of the treatment process ensures full traceability of CIW.

Hazardous industrial waste (HIW)

Hazardous industrial waste (HIW) is the category that includes hazardous waste other than that from households, and waste from healthcare facilities where there is risk of infection. 
It is particularly harmful for the environment,
and can therefore only be collected, stored and processed by authorised companies like those in our Group.

We are also qualified to dismantle and recycle non-polluted transformers, and to store polluted transformers in transit.

Special industrial waste (SIW)

Special industrial waste (SIW) is waste that presents a risk to the environment and human health. It is currently preferable to use the term hazardous waste (or hazardous industrial waste - HIW) rather than special industrial waste.